Success in Photography

Join us in Alpharetta (Atlanta), Georgia for a

One Day Seminar on Sunday, May 22

with optional Second Day Advanced Strategies on Monday, May 23

Presented by Business Coach David Hilton Cr.Photog, along with co-coaches Scott & Kris Kelly and Michael Stone M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Are you sick and tired of mediocrity and ready for a breakthrough?

So many photographers are AMAZING at what they do and could easily be dominating in their business.

Unfortunately, they make crippling mistakes every day that keep them dead broke, working like crazy and getting absolutely nowhere.

They’re spending a fortune on paid ads, charging commodity prices for their ART in hopes of competing with every other “Photographer” in the area, hiring business coaches that have never grown, let alone RUN, a successful portrait studio, and wondering why they don’t have a consistent flow of new business pouring into their studio.

Trust me.

It’s NOT your fault.

Whether you went to photography school or you’re self-taught, one thing’s for sure. You have not been educated about the BUSINESS of photography.

Which, like it or not, is an essential part of making the photography dream a reality.

There IS a Blueprint

for Success in Photography

A solution built from the ground up for YOUR studio so you can…

  • Turn on the “tap” to quickly flood your calendar with qualified bookings.

  • Effortlessly charge $3000-$5000+ per average order.

  • Cut your workweek in half

Learn the Necessary Mindset to Achieve Real

Success in Photography!

You will learn strategies that can be executed at any level you would like. You will learn to engage your portrait client and make them WANT your talents—and be willing to pay TOP DOLLAR for them! Some of these first steps include:

  • Continuous Marketing on a Daily Basis

  • Develop Strategic Business Relationships

  • Strategies to Maximize Sales: Use your Session Time to Develop Excitement Before the Sale
  • Push your Prices to the Top of Your Category

  • Use Emotion, Control and Suggestion to Get Top-Dollar Sales

  • Maximize Profit in Your Business

This Experience is NOT for Everyone!

We only want those to attend who want to be there, and will gain from the experience.

If it’s posing and lighting that you want, save your money.

If you expect to hear another convention-level program, or just have fun with your friends, go to a convention. It will be less expensive, and your head won’t explode from all the information.

If you want the information that no other speaker is offering, because they basically mimic what they heard from other PPA-trained photographers, then this seminar is for you.

If you want more profit to take home and spend on your family, save for retirement, or travel many times a year like I enjoy doing, this seminar will be a godsend!

If you’re bold enough to stand out from the crowd, to be respected as a business leader, and to earn what your clients are earning, you’ll want to drop everything to register for this event.

If there’s a nagging thought in your head that the quality of the work you produce should be far better compensated, book your flight.

Day 1

Sunday, May 22 / 9a.m - 5p.m.


Achieve Success In Photography Sunday, May 22, 2022

We will share with you what it takes

to get from where you are today

to where your potential can take you!

David Hilton along with co-coaches Scott & Kris Kelly and Michael Stone will examine the key points of what it takes to run a profitable portrait studio. These crucial business practices are often not known, overlooked or simply ignored. You can take charge of your business and earn more income, free up more time and enjoy life again!

The Blueprint for Success in Photography Includes:

  • Learn Success Mindset, Beliefs & Habits
  • Define Vision & Values
  • Set Clear Goals
  • Discover Your “BRAND” Product
  • Learn the 10 Business Systems for Success
  • Build a Successful Team
  • Walk Away with An Action Plan

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If You Are Not Liking What You Are Seeing by Noon, We Will Refund Your Money.

Optional Day 2 - Advanced Strategies

Monday, May 23 / 9a.m. - 5p.m.

Sign up for 3 months of coaching with David Hilton and the Strategic Vision Team

  • We will apply the $95 class fee to your coaching membership

  • Give you FREE VIP Access to Day 2 so you can kickstart your path to success in person.

On Day 2 We Will Teach Advanced Strategies To:

  • Find More Leads
  • Increase the Number of Booked Sessions
  • Merchandise for Better Sales
  • Improve Your Average Order
  • Build Wealth Through a Successful Business
Achieve Success In Photography Sunday, May 22, 2022

How Much Will It Cost Me to Move from Good to Great?

The investment for this seminar is only $95 per person. Be sure to bring your partner, spouse or key employee so you don’t have to explain why you come home bursting with enthusiasm!

And right now, you have 2 choices…

Option 1 is to close this page and continue on as usual. If you’re okay with spending thousands of dollars on silly tactics that attract nothing but tire kickers, massively undercharging for your services to be “competitive”, and missing another date night because you’re stuck in the studio with a never-ending list of post-production tasks… Then hit close.

Option 2 requires you to make a decision. To sign up now so I can help you take control of your business and start living a life of freedom and abundance.

A life where clients are rushing into your studio with cash in hand, ready to get their portrait taken by the BEST photographer in their area...You.

Are you committed to reigniting the passion for your craft and having more fun in your business?


Then what are you waiting for…

But like I said this offer won’t be around forever…

I want to make sure attendees get the best results possible and I can only take on a limited number of people at one time in order to make this happen.

Once the slots are filled up, they’re gone and I’m not sure when they’ll open back up again.

So, if reading this gets you excited…

Don’t sleep on this!

I'm David Hilton and it is my mission to help other photographers succeed just like I have.

It is possible to have a profitable portrait studio and a life you enjoy. You too can join over 400 other portrait studios on their journey to Success in Photography.

Let me show you how.

Strategic Vision Business Development Corp.